March 20, 2023

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Open houses for CH matches: The city is working on Friday

Open houses for CH matches: The city is working on Friday

Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said Tuesday that her administration is working with officials responsible for public viewing overseeing the games of Montreal Canadians playing in the Stanley Cup final with the Tampa Lightning.

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When asked about this, Ms Plante said the result was not visible for the next meeting of the series, which is scheduled for Wednesday. However, a new one can be announced as soon as it is final.

“On Wednesday, I wish, but when Canadians are at home, we are working specifically for the scene that will prevail this Friday,” she told a news conference at the Henry Metro Station. -Boursa, a statement on public transport.

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“A lot of things are moving. We need to wait to find out … It seems we are saying that Public Health will allow a larger audience at the Bell Center. So, if Public Health decides to do so, we will be glad to see people in the stands, she continued. Like I said, not everyone can pay $ 500 or more for a game. That is why we are working hard to bring hockey into the public sphere. ”

Meetings that are safe

During the recent Hobbes games, the solemn talks of supporters near the Bell Center caused a lot of discussion, with distant actions and masking people being put aside on the spot. For his part, the mayor said he would like to set up a monitoring space for several days.

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“We are in discussions with our partners to see how the outside view should look, but in a safe way. Public health should empower us to make the meeting, she agreed. We need to work with other partners so that once this place is decided, we do not all get stuck. We need safe things to do.”

“I want to celebrate like everyone else, but we are slowly coming out of an epidemic. We must not be in a position to interfere with our goals. ”

Comfortable setting

In an interview with TVA Novels on Tuesday, Health Minister Christian Dubey said he hoped for “an arrangement that would make public health more comfortable.”

“If the proposals made [par le Groupe CH] Don’t respect sanitation, we will not ruin everything we do, ”he stressed.

His cabinet clarified that decisions between the public health and the CH group are still pending.

For their part, opposition parties are urging the government to leave the final word to scientists.

“It’s up to public health professionals to decide how many spectators can safely attend the Games at the Bell Center.

However, there is a plea for more creativity on the part of public health officials to allow as many people as possible to “experience series fever with complete safety”.

“For example, by setting up outdoor facilities for fans to follow matches in a festive atmosphere,” he said.

Party Cubacois has called for more justice for businesses and other events that have been severely damaged by recent months of detention.

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“Let it be fair to all,” party spokesman Joel Arseno said in a statement.

“As the health condition is stable and favorable, we have at the same time amended the restrictive rules in theaters and small shops for professional sport, and if public health is deemed appropriate, general relaxations will be implemented,” adds member Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

– In collaboration with Felix Lazart-Gautier