March 30, 2023

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PLQ: Andre Fortin’s federal temptation

PLQ: Andre Fortin's federal temptation

If the rumor materializes, it will be a blow to liberal leader Dominic Angled.

PLQ parliamentary leader Andre Fortin, who stepped down in April 2019, could run for the Liberal Party of Canada flag in the upcoming federal election.

Well, well, I contacted Mr. Fortin yesterday and he refused: “This is not my intention”.

“For now”, he was the MP for Pontiac for PLQ in Quebec and wanted to stay that way. The most interesting approach, the ideal level of proximity, he emphasizes is “it is”. He said he had not had any discussions with the PLC on the matter. This will undoubtedly be repeated by him in front of Gatino Hospital at 10:30 this morning, where he explains the closing of the emergency room.


We should probably believe this. But our political history is full of politicians who, after saying things like this, are wonderfully rebutted.

• 1998: A few days before running for the PLQ leadership, Jean-Charest announces that he will continue to lead the Progressive Conservative Party in Ottawa.

2014: Gauten Barrett says in February that he is not a candidate for the Coillard team. On March 3 he announced that he had changed his mind.

One reason why the rumor about Fortin is so strong is that many objective conditions give it credibility.

Up to and including the PLQ Caucus, many think it was founded.

Naked member

At first, the Liberal Federal MP for Pontiac, William Amos, was embarrassed by his strange relationship with Zoom meetings: he appeared naked at first; A few weeks later, he was found urinating in a cup.

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Mr Amos wants to be a Liberal candidate again in the coming elections, but “I do not understand why this is not happening,” says a source close to me.

So Pontiac’s federal riding is free. Several sources said that former Bank of Canada director Mark Carney was there. Finally, by choosing not to run for the Ottawa Center, Minister Catherine McKenna vacated the seat of most interest to Mr. Carney.


Pontiac is mostly free. Why not showcase Andre Fortin there? In Ottawa, we are paid better than in Quebec; In addition, the federal parliament is less than half an hour from Mr. Fortin’s home. On the other hand, 450 kilometers separates from the National Assembly! We know how important family is to Mr. Fortin, the father of two young women.

The other proximity is theoretical. Mr. Fortin Federal Liberal. He served with Jean Lapierre as Cabinet Cabinet Clerk in the short-lived Martin government (2004-2006); Paul Martin to the Cabinet.

Marilyn Floyd, also wife of Andre Fortin. OmTo me Floyd (now at Microsoft) worked with Justin Trudeau until 2018. Ah! Yes, Andre Fortin called him a friend. In 2019, he was also involved in the preparation of the Liberal Leader before the Leaders Debate! Proximity, I tell you.