May 22, 2022

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Collapsed in Florida: The condition of the building continued to deteriorate

Collapsed in Florida: The condition of the building continued to deteriorate

It revealed a letter to co-owners written by the chairman of the board of directors of the co-ownership syndicate, which was unveiled by several American media on Tuesday. Search and support operations continue uninterrupted.

Following a review by Consultant Frank Morabito, Jean Woodney’s letter was sent to residents last April to justify why the $ 7 million works bill in September 2018 had risen to more than $ 15 million. The case is due to be discussed later in the week.

Estimation [de M. Morabito] Among other things, the observed concrete damage indicated that it would begin to multiply exponentially over the years, Reminds Mrs. Vodney of the residents.

In fact, the noticeable damage, especially in the garage, was significantly degraded from the initial inspection. When you can see the chipping (cracking) of the concrete, it means rebar […] Corrosion and deterioration below the surface.

This letter, along with a long list of things to do, indicates that the costs involved, as well as the total bill, are causing tensions between co-owners.

We have been discussing, debating and arguing for years and this will continue in the years to come as other issues come into force., Wrote to Ms Wood, who was not among the 12 dead and 149 are thought to be missing. Fall last Thursday.

A man and a woman pray near a monument erected in front of the church away from the collapsed building.

Photo: Canadian Press / AP / Gerald Herbert

Concrete is rapidly deteriorating. The roof condition deteriorated further, so repairs had to be included. […] New issues have been identified, She explains further. Much of this work may have taken place or been planned in recent years. But today we are right there.

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More specifically, Frank Morabito’s report suggests Major structural damage To the concrete slab beneath the pool terrace and showed cracking and breaking Abundant On the pillars, beams and walls of the garage under the 136-apartment building on 12 floors.

This report was commissioned for the reconstruction of the building., A requirement in Florida for 40-year-old coastal structures to be attacked by storms, hurricanes and salt winds. Corrosive salt penetrates concrete and corrosion reinforcing bars and steel beams inside.

The need arose after a previous building collapsed in Miami in 1974. Since the Champlain Towers South Condominium Complex was built in 1981, it has yet to be rebuilt this year.

Two cranes appear in front of the building, one of which is torn and partially destroyed.

Two heavy cranes were set up on site to assist in the search and rescue operations,

Photo: Getty Images / AFP / Chandan Khanna

The White House says U.S. President Joe Biden and his wife Jill will visit the site of the disaster on Thursday. He thanked the first responders and the search and rescue teams who worked hard to meet the families affected by the tragedy.