December 8, 2023

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CSQ has signed a comprehensive education agreement affecting 125,000 members

CSQ has signed a comprehensive education agreement affecting 125,000 members

(Montreal) Schools, CEGEPs and their union, CSQ and Concile du Treasure, have concluded a proposal for a comprehensive solution affecting 125,000 members of health.

Leah Lowesque and Frederick Lacroix-Couture
The Canadian Press

The draft regulation, among other things, pay, pension plans and regional disparities, the Central des du Quebec announced in a press release on Wednesday.

“The significant progress made by the General Negotiating Council in the various negotiating tables justifies the submission of this proposal to its members for approval,” the union said.

She said the government had particularly honored the request to increase the general salary by 6% in three years, while at the same time paying special attention to improving the wages of the lowest paid employees.

The proposed agreement is due to be submitted to members at regular meetings by the end of September.

In recent weeks, agreements have been reached in principle on working conditions with teachers, educators and school support staff.

Unlike FTQ and CSN, the Central des Unions du Quebec has not yet concluded a comprehensive (intersection) agreement in principle on the renewal of collective agreements with Quebec.

This latest draft regulation completes the round of negotiations for CSQ. Quebec affirms that “in principle contracts are now almost 100% dedicated to health and social services and education employees”.

In the eyes of Consulate du Treasure President Sonia Label, the deal with CSQ was a win-win for members of the government while “respecting financial viability”.

“We reaffirm our commitment not only to the employees covered by this agreement, but to all Quebeckers as well,” the minister in charge of government administration said in a statement.

The new president

When Eric Zingras, the new president of CSQ, took office, a global agreement was reached to replace Sonia Ethereum, who had taken care of past negotiations.

Mr. Zingras arrives at a time when Quebec is facing a shortage of teachers and we have no idea what the health context of returning to school is.

At his first press conference Wednesday as the new president of CSQ, Eric Zingross said he was eager to address this new academic year.

Numerous studies have reported on young people experiencing setbacks, including increased anxiety, personal or academic difficulties, which complicate the work of teachers and educators represented by CSQ.

“Epidemic issues – health activities and others – the more time we have to do other things, the more time we need to help young people” and whether you are a teacher, support staff or a professional in the network; We can do it, ”said Mr. Zingras.

Mr. Zingras came from Syndicate de Champlain, a large educational community on the south coast of Montreal. He is an elementary school teacher.

It remains to be seen whether the plant will escape the more generous treatment granted to teachers by the Legal government. The salary increase discussed in the Global Proposal will be in addition to what is granted in the sector agreement with teachers.

During their discussions with the professionals and support staff they were reminded that they were also part of the team and that they contributed to the well-being and support of the youth.

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When asked about this, Zingras said he was aware of the dissatisfaction among some of his members because of this differential treatment in favor of teachers.

“If the government wants to be in favor of certain groups, it is his decision. Our job is to show the importance of these groups,” he replied.

The Central Union has 206,000 members, of whom 125,000 are educated.

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