December 6, 2023

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Cultivated Gas Project | Complaint against Gajoduk for “false or misleading information”

Cultivated Gas Project |  Complaint against Gajoduk for "false or misleading information"

The central Cubacois du Droit de l’En Environment (CQDE) suspects that the planned gas pipeline between Ontario and Saguna will be “carbon neutral” and that it will reduce fuel costs. .

Jean-Thomas Leville

Jean-Thomas Leville

The Company believes that these statements violate the Terms Competition law And complained of “false or misleading information” to Canada’s Competition Bureau for investigation.

The Gazodok project provides for the construction of a pipeline starting in northern Ontario and the supply of the టిnergie Saguenay natural gas liquefaction plant capable of crossing the ABTB, Hot-Marisi, Lock-Saint-Gene and farms.

“In our opinion, Gazodok has not demonstrated the ability to achieve carbon neutrality through adequate and adequate evidence, which requires legislation,” CQDE Director General Genevieve Paul explained in an interview. Tap.

This also applies to arguments about reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, based on a report by the Office of Public Hearings on the Environment (BAPE) and the collective exit of 350 scientists on the Énergie Saguenay project.

These arguments can mislead investors and the public, prevent them from making informed decisions, and lament that they are non-profit dedicated to environmental protection.

Such a project will have an impact on all Quebeckers, everyone has a right to know, there is the right information to give information on such a big social project.

Genevieve Paul, Executive Director, Quebec Environmental Law Center

By virtue of Competition law, The company has no right to claim things that cannot be proven, M explainsTo me Paul said he had “serious concerns” about Gazodok’s claims.

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“It’s not up to us to prove this is false, it’s up to the company to make sure it’s true before we say it,” she told the Competition Bureau. To shed light on this matter.

Wanted public corrections

If the Competition Bureau finds that Gazodok actually made false or misleading claims, CQDE will call for a public correction from the organization, or even impose fines “high enough to remain controversial”.

The company Gazodok responded by announcing that it “intends to be carbon neutral and strive to develop technological solutions to achieve it”. Tap A spokesman, Antoine Cock.

The Competition Bureau said it could not confirm the start of the investigation or the filing of the complaint. Competition law [l’oblige] To carry out its work in a confidential manner ”, it was suggested in an email Tap With Porte-parole, Maya Bugorsky.

In the event that a complaint leads to a formal investigation, the Competition Bureau, with court leave, may conduct searches, seize cases, or question witnesses under oath.

The Competition law Provides that fines and criminal penalties may also be imposed for violations.

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