May 29, 2022

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3 LucasArts must provide this summer, July games are here

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Every month, Amazon It seeks to attract new players to its platform to provide games Prime Gaming. Admittedly, this offer is much less attractive than the titles available on Epic Games or PlayStation Plus, but it’s very affordable. After all, most of us have a major membership to our purchases or other platform services. And for this summer, Amazon comes to play with our memories.

LucasArts and the Sun.

There will be good peacocks to collect throughout the summer. Prime Gaming wants to play a card of nostalgia and is close to it LucasArts To provide a selection of great classics. Therefore, subscribers can choose from three iconic games over the next three months, namely:

  • The secret of Monkey Island
  • Sam & Max: Hit the Road
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Key members can redeem these games ‘for free’ in July, August and September respectively.

What games are offered at Prime Gaming in July?

This little surprise of course completes the simple offer. Five more titles will be available for download in July The secret of Monkey Island, To find out:

Telltale, Double Fine Productions or so good so some good choices The Wanderer: Frankensteins creature. To collect these games, subscribe or test the 30 days free offer, go to page Amazon Prime Gaming And get free games.

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