June 26, 2022

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Investigation into Capital attack | Liz Cheney and seven Democrats were appointed to form the new committee

Investigation into Capital attack |  Liz Cheney and seven Democrats were appointed to form the new committee

(Washington) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday appointed Republican Representative Liz Cheney and seven Democrats to a new committee to investigate the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

Alan Fromm and Mary Clare Jalonic
Associated Press

It is chaired by Democratic spokesman Benny Thompson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Hundreds of supporters of former President Donald Trump have entered the building and appointed members will have to investigate what happened around the Capitol when President Joe Biden stopped certifying victory.

Liz Cheney said in a statement that she was “honored” to have served on the committee, “that Congress is responsible for a full investigation into the most serious attack on our capital since 1814.”

The House on Wednesday approved the formation of a committee on Republicans’ objections. OmTo me Cheney, who was fired from his leadership role in the Republican Party this year due to criticism of Mr Trump, was one of two elected Republican officials who supported the formation of the committee. The other Republican who voted in favor was Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, also a critic of Donald Trump.

The committee was set up by Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat leader in Congress, as Senate Republicans blocked an independent, bilateral hearing.

Other Democrats in the group include Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, Joe Lofgren of California, Elaine Luria of Virginia, Stephanie Murphy of Florida and Pete Aguilar of Texas.

Threats to the Republican Party

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy reportedly threatened his fellow Republicans at a closed meeting to withdraw their committee work if he accepted the nomination from Mr.To me Pelosi, a senior Republican House official, said Thursday the situation was anonymous.

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Republicans have complained that despite their earlier dismissal of a previous Democratic attempt to set up a bipartisan commission, the committee is increasingly made up of Democrats and produces biased and biased reports.

Nancy Pelosi has the power to appoint the president and has at least eight of the 13 members. The resolution also informs him of the appointment of the other five members after consultation with Kevin McCarthy. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Republican leaders also did not indicate whether they would participate in the new committee.