May 18, 2022

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The Trump organization has surrendered to push CFO charges

The Trump organization has surrendered to push CFO charges

(New York) The CFO of the Trump organization, Donald Trump’s family group, will face charges against himself at the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday, possibly committing tax crimes, several American media reported.

Allen Weiselberg, one of the former Republican president’s loyalists, has been awaiting conviction for several days as part of an investigation into a two – year – old robbery involving golf clubs, luxury hotels and others at the unlisted company. Real estate properties.

This prudent 73-year-old man could commit tax crimes related to the kind of benefits he received without notifying the tax authorities, according to anonymous sources. New York Times Yet Wall Street Journal.

The prosecutor’s office, which contacted AFP, did not immediately confirm the information.

According to anonymous sources citing several media outlets, Mr Weiselberg and the Trump man, a lawmaker, will be indicted on Thursday.

According to several anonymous sources quoted by the American media, he should be convicted of tax offenses related to the interests he is considered a financial director and should not be reported to tax authorities.

A “political” indictment that “harms” Donald Trump

The Trump administration has denied Weiselberg’s indictment, saying it was “an attempt to harm former President Donald Trump.”

“It’s not justice, it’s politics,” said the former Republican president and spokesman for the former New York Magnet’s family business, quoted several American media outlets in several press releases.

“The Manhattan District Attorney is initiating lawsuits in the interests of employees, not considering tax authorities or any other attorney initiation,” he said.

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Democratic prosecutor Cyrus Vance, who has been investigating the abduction of Trump’s organization for more than two years, has not yet confirmed any of this information.

Donald Trump and his family members should not be included in the same categories at this stage of the investigation.