May 17, 2022

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3,500 spectators at the Bell Center: “This is the only reasonable solution”

3,500 spectators at the Bell Center: "This is the only reasonable solution"

Matthew Simon, head of the intensive care unit at the University Institute of Cardiology and Neurobiology of Quebec, said maintaining an audience of 3,500 at the Bell Center was “the only reasonable solution.”

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Normal life is said to resume when 75% of Kubers are double vaccinated. This is our choice, ”he said in an interview Wyatt News.

The dr Simon highlighted the progress of the Delta variant in areas of the world where the vaccination rate is high.

“We have the Delta variant starting to air in Canada. When we get into the fourth wave and the population is told: “Look, we’m making exceptions for Canadians, but not for those who need to get married, to attend a funeral.” There will be a sense of injustice and this injustice will lead to widespread disobedience, which will make it very difficult for us in the wake of the new resurgence of COVID, ”he said.

Immunity and equity

Earlier in the day, Horacio Aru, national director of public health, defended the choice of health officials not to admit more fans to the Stanley Cup finals on Thursday.

Two-dose vaccines are not enough in the Quebec population. The whole population can be resolved in two doses in a matter of seconds, ”he explained.

If the number of spectators in the sectors does not increase, the public health authority authorized 5,000 meetings.

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Thus, the events for the match number three performance in the series between the Canadian and Lightning take place at the Quartier des Glass and at the Esplanade of the Olympic Park.