June 6, 2023

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Kamala Harris is going through the first crisis

Kamala Harris is going through the first crisis

Whether it is a politician or a man, the closer you get up, the more the pressure grows, every decision is scrutinized and expanded by the media.

We already know that Kamala Harris has accepted the proposal made by Joe Biden to take over the post of Vice President, because this function will be a formidable springboard for her. Kamala Harris first made sure it was historic and confirmed that the president would hand over important files to her.

After the first months of the new administration have passed in the shadows, we see and hear the Vice President very regularly. She also inherited an illegal immigration file that was involved in the fight for the protection of civil rights. If Harris finally finds himself alone, she will probably prioritize more positive coverage.

Criticized by Republicans, but also a progressive faction of her political party, the former senator from California is currently facing an internal crisis. He has been criticized for contributing to the development of an unhealthy culture in his team.

There are many examples of illness, but the revelation is a mystery. We condemn hard work, too much stress and lack of solidarity. Worse, Kamala Harris refuses to take the blame, saying her chief should make sure to protect her by restricting her employer access to her staff.

The future will tell whether this climate is generally more toxic than that of high-level politicians, but this first crisis is a clear sign that pressure is raising a notch. The Vice President is not new and knows better than anyone that she has limited room for maneuver. The 2024 election is very close.

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With the recent rise in criticism and departures from her team, Kamala Harris should show leadership. Before it can unite the Americans and say it will steer the boat, it must calm things down and re-assemble its crew.

An additional hurdle, this is not the first time Mrs. Harris has condemned the difficult working environment in the entourage. He made similar comments after his campaign for primaries failed.

It will be very interesting to note the adjustments made by the Vice President. This is only the first shock and it will face even more severe storms by the time the candidacy arrives in 2024.

As her Chief of Tina Flornoy points out, Kamala Harris is ambitious, intelligent and visionary. Are determined. These traits are likely to frighten his or her staff members, however, if they do not choose the right profession.

Politics is a brutal sport, and Harris exhibits traits that a man can never blame. It is unfortunate if the current noise causes a double standard. Obama has been praised more than ever for criticizing his stance, especially seeking him and those around him. When he arrived at the White House he appealed to Rahm Emanuel to call himself “Rahambo himself” to ensure discipline and I do not remember the first black president being considered a persecutor.