December 9, 2023

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Lithium North America Sale | Pierre Gautier’s company appeals to Quebec court

Lithium North America Sale |  Pierre Gautier's company appeals to Quebec court

Pierre Gautier, CEO of Central America Nickel, Montreal Company, appeals to the Supreme Court’s decision to authorize the sale of Lithium America North from La Corn in Abitib to Australian Sayona.

Andre Dubak

Andre Dubak

On June 29, Judge Martin Costongwe approved the sale of lithium to Sayona, a successful bidder following a court-ordered tender process. Companies Lenders Arrangement Act.

In an application to the Superior Court dismissed by Judge Castingway, it was alleged that the tendering process had been compromised and requested that it be reopened in full. She was one of two finalist bidders along with Sayona.

“The tender process should be clear, secure and rigorous so that the result – whatever it may be – everyone agrees. It is not clear in the case of the Sayona proposal. I recall closing it. [notre] Investment represents the best option for Quebec with good returns to Quebec, immediate conversion of lithium in the province and additional treatment of rare lands, cobalt and nickel. Pierre Gautier said in a press release issued on Friday.

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