July 5, 2022

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This year is a different moving day

This year is a different moving day

Families could not find a place to live as thousands of homes changed hands on Thursday during National Moving Day.

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In the city of Quebec, about 40 families are uncertain about their next place of residence. In Montreal, nearly 400 of them contacted the municipal housing office.

In contrast to the demand in recent years, the demand for goods storage in Quebec has increased significantly in recent weeks. For Klan Pannetton President Pierre-Oliver Sir, real estate warming has anything to do with it.

“People sold their house, they made a lot of money, but what’s happening is they don’t need a new house right now. So, they have to live in an apartment and they don’t have enough space for all of their furniture, so they have to plan storage. Right now, our warehouses are 150% Are at, ”Sir told TVA Novels.

Getting from the north coast of Quebec to the south coast was difficult all day. At times, it took at least an hour to reach the bridge. Citizens who met TVA Novels in the Saint-Sauville district of Quebec were delighted to reach their destination after a 3 hour drive.

However, some considered traffic jams and changed their route to avoid crossing the bridge during rush hour.

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