June 28, 2022

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Air Canada has called for the abolition of the $ 25.5 million fine

Air Canada has called for the abolition of the $ 25.5 million fine

(Montreal) Air Canada has called on the U.S. Department of Transportation to refuse a $ 25.5 million fine for the airline’s failure to make an immediate refund following a flight cancellation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a 46-page motion filed Wednesday, the Montreal-based airline filed a series of arguments against the fine, saying the facts cited by the agency were not sufficient to establish legal violations.

Air Canada has stated that its refund policy is in accordance with US Department of Transportation refund terms and carriage terms. This indicates that the Ministry relied on legally prescribed directives from the air travel sector and did not conduct a “comprehensive and well-reasoned analysis”.

The Air Carrier submitted that the Enforcement Complaint did not prove that its Reimbursement Policy had caused or caused significant harm that could not be reasonably avoided.

An administrative law judge from the Department of Transportation will rule on an “enforcement proceedings notice” issued by the department two weeks ago, in which airline consumer protection firm Air Canada “illegally failed to make timely repayments between flights”. Abolished or substantially changed United States and Canada.

The agency said it received more than 1 to 6,000 refund complaintsIs March 2020 and Air Canada stated in its opinion that the position of the airline was “unfounded” on several occasions over the past year.

Air Canada then vowed to “seriously challenge the process.”

“While the COVID-19 crisis and the resulting government sanctions / border closures are unprecedented and beyond the control of Air Canada, Air Canada has responded and continues to respond to compliance with all regulations. DOT applicable [department of Transportation] And CTA [Office des transports du Canada], As well as health and safety requirements imposed by the U.S. and Canadian federal and / or state agencies that apply. ”

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Spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said the airline had reimbursed more than $ 1.2 billion to eligible customers with refunds that affected travel via COVID-19.

In April, Air Canada refused to repay up to $ 5.9 billion in unpaid tickets from the Canadian government, of which about $ 1.4 billion was in the facility. Unsecured credit to repay these tickets.