July 7, 2022

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GameSquare Sports M gets complexity gaming for 27 million

GameSquare Sports M gets complexity gaming for 27 million

The North American company Complexity Gaming has announced that it has acquired Canadian company GameSquare Sports for a transaction of approximately $ 27 million.

The next level of complexity gaming

The Canadian multimedia and games company (LGD.REC, a minority shareholder of the League of Legends and Rainbow 7 teams and crossfire), and GameSquare Sports, the parent company of Code Red Sports Agency, announced a few hours ago that the North American company Complexity Gaming, particularly CSO, CSG A structure on Fortnite and Madden. The acquisition will cost a total of $ 27 million to repurchase 100% of the shares issued, so that the current complexity owners will become major shareholders of GameSquare Sports.

As a result of this transaction, Jason Lake, founder and CEO of Complexity Gaming, was also elected Global Head of Sports at GameSquare, with Tom Walker, CFO of Dallas Cowboys and Travis Goff, President and Board Member of Golf Capital, on the board of directors of Complexity Gaming, GameSquare. Complexity Gaming continues from its headquarters in Frisco, TX and all teams continue to operate under the same banner.

Complexity has built its next stage of growth and profitability that is perfectly placed. We see tremendous potential to monetize incredible content that creates complexity each year and there are many opportunities to create merchandise that will allow fans to show their loyalty to one of America’s largest sports teams.
Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare

Thanks to this takeover and parallel-multi-year partnership, GameSquare serves as the reference agency for the Dallas Cowboys’ Games and Sports Branch, the Texas NFL Team, which Forbes recently named the world’s largest sports team. Valuable in the world.

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