December 8, 2023

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Laurencia rejection and Gilbold anger

Laurencia rejection and Gilbold anger

Genevieve Gilbolt on Wednesday disagreed with the Trudeau government’s ruling on the Laurentia project.

The deputy prime minister not only stressed that the government was “very, very disappointed” with the decision, but argued that Ottawa was “giving up” as a result. […] It is full of business people from Quebec ”.

It is well known that Quebec’s anger against the central government will intensify during the federal election. But not yet.


What is Laurencia? Expansion project for Quebec port aimed at taking advantage of the container boom: 75 775 million investment indicates 17 hectares cut off on the river!

The Port Authority has exhibited various incarnations since 2008. Quebec argues that it gives access to deep water that can hold heavy ships.

In 2013, in him Focus on winning Quebec (Boreal), Franకోois Legalt condemned the low use of St. Lawrence Seaway and recalled that he had “publicly” given his support to Quebec’s port expansion project.

Recently, however, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (AEIC) concluded that “air quality and human health, socio-economic conditions and the current use of land and” Laurentia “are likely to have significant adverse environmental impacts on fish and fish habitats.” Resources for the traditional interests of the local people ”.

The Quebec business community supported Laurentia almost unanimously. Laval University too (condemned by environmental activists and students).

Defend both counties

The Trudeau government decided to reject it. The decision was backed by Quebec Liberal MP and Chief Minister Jean-Yves Duclos in the Trudeau government.

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Behind the scenes, the Ottawa Liberals argued that electoral defeat was too small. The two excursions they have had in Quebec, Louis-Hebert and Quebec are voters opposing Laurentia.

It was for this reason that the Trudeau government was willing to act quickly. He may postpone his decision. Although he was against the agency, he risked prosecution. The AEIC concludes that Laurence is threatening the sprouted land of the striped boss as “endangered species by law”. Environmental activists are reported to have used the item to take Ottawa to court.


Other elements not seen in the report played a role. Especially “national security”. CK Hutchison of Hong Kong, one of Laurentia’s partners, said China had recently tightened its grip on the territory. Ottawa is concerned, our Bureau of Investigation revealed in October.

In March, VP Gilbolt criticized Lorenzia’s Achilles heel for not being interested: “In Quebec, Jean-Yves Duclos was the only person I heard to care about.”

At CAQ, not everyone is happy. Laurencia is competing with the Port of Montreal project to establish a new container terminal at Contrecoure.

This is one, Ottawa approved. Suzanne Dancieru, the former mayor of Contrecoure, who laughed at the sight of chorus frogs, said the loss of the “little tourists” who had obstructed the project should be a source of joy.

This would have added even more fuel to Burnout’s already significant marketing momentum.

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