February 22, 2024

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Des ORL ont remarqué une recrudescence des problèmes d'audition, par exemple d'acouphènes depuis le déconfinement et le retour à la vie bruyante.

The health crisis has not only economic consequences: there are consequences for health as well. And of them, we did not necessarily do: The way we capture our hearing and sound.

You may notice that after deconstruction you become more sensitive to noise and you may have tinnitus.

Wearing a helmet while televising: an aggravating factor?

Said Dr. Mary-Josie Fressey, ENT at Purpan University Hospital in Toulouse. Increase in consultation after deconfinition.

“From an auditory point of view, people of all ages are more likely to have tinnitus and hypersensitivity, however, younger or middle-aged characters, especially people who have worked with headphones. The longer method, Explains Mary-Josie Fressey.

“Headphones cause a kind of awkward silence, which means that when we go back to normal life, we may find the sound louder and have a hypersensitivity to the sound.” Normally, everything gets back to normal quickly, but it can still stop or be painful.

If in doubt, contact!

For others, this period made it possible to perceive deafness. Hearing care specialist in Hong Le Toulouse. He recognized it from the deconfinement “With the mask on, a lot of people realized that they could no longer rely on lip reading, so they started to become deaf.”

Toulouse recommends consulting an ENT specialist with a hearing care specialist “If you have trouble with noise, for example during a meal for three people, if you have rehearsals or if you turn up the volume on the TV”, More than anyone.

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