July 5, 2022

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Quote-Nord: Measures taken for research in Mani-Utenam boarding school

Quote-Nord: Measures taken for research in Mani-Utenam boarding school

Investigations will soon be carried out at the site of a former Mani-Utenam boarding school on the north coast, and the recent discovery of the graves of young Indigenous children in the west of the country has restored painful memories for many members of the community.

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The Notre-Dame boarding school housed the torn young iron from their families from many communities on the north coast between 1950 and 1971. Although the building has not existed since 1985, it is still a place of cultural celebration. The exhibition of the show is the Inu Nikamu festival.

Following the recent discoveries in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, more chiefs took steps to carry out research in collaboration with families and governments.

For Virginie Mitchell, who lives a few hundred meters from the former boarding school site, this approach is painful but necessary to achieve reconciliation.

“Of course we have magical ideas: it shouldn’t be. Not here. But we do not know. There is actually fear, ”she noted.

“Everything is possible. It’s scary because it creates anger, it opens wounds. But we have to go through this so that our children know what happened and the Canadian and Quebec communities also know,” Mr said.To me Michelle.

Still and September-Ols citizens gathered to pay tribute to the missing children and support those attending local boarding schools and organized a march of several hundred people at the end of Thursday.

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Nearly 4,000 more young people attended the Mani-Utenam boarding school over a period of 20 years and dozens of them have already testified that they were physically and sexually abused at the hands of the clergy.

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