June 6, 2023

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Strike days at STQ were canceled

Strike days at STQ were canceled

The strike on Friday and Saturday at the Society des Traversiers du Quebec (STQ) has been canceled.

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Consequently, the Quebec-Lewis ferry schedule has not changed. Departs from one bank to another every 40 minutes between 6am and 8pm.

The unions, which are members of the FEESP-CSN-affiliated ferry group, informed the employer of the turnaround on Thursday.

“STQ is happy with this decision. This is good news for Sorrel-Tracy – Saint-Ignas-de-Loyola, Quebec-Lewis and Matane-by-Comeau-Goddamboat ferry customers, because the service will not be interrupted, ”he said. – We have responded to the press release.

The Society des Traversiers du Quebec will not comment further on the status of the negotiations.

Significant progress

The cancellation of these strike days follows “significant progress”, according to the union, in the context of the renewal of the collective agreement.

“In order to reach a quick and satisfactory conclusion for the members, it was decided to leave all room for negotiations”, it was stated in an exchange of information from Regroup des Traversiers, which joins Sorrell’s CSN unions. Tracy – Saint-Ignas-de-Loyola, Quebec – Lewis and Matane – By-Comeau – Godboat Crossings, representing about 200 members.

Sorrel-Tracy Travers

This service is provided according to the regular schedule, with one exception: the schedule departs between midnight and 5:30 am, and is canceled due to scheduled maintenance work from Friday, July 2 to Saturday, July 3.

Crossing ourselves

The two crossings on Friday, July 2 will be offered as follows:

  • From Matane to Godboat: 11am.
  • From Godboot to Matane: 5 pm
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Departures scheduled for Saturday, July 3 will remain unchanged:

  • From Matane to By-Comeu at 11am.
  • From By-Come to Matane at 6 p.m.

Customers who want to book a Friday departure can do so here traversiers.com Or by calling the reservation center (1 877 787-7483) 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

Departures are scheduled for Saturday, July 3rd. Customers wishing to change an existing reservation must call the Reservation Center to depart on Friday, July 2nd.