July 5, 2022

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Brazil | Tens of thousands protested against Bolsonaro

Brazil |  Tens of thousands protested against Bolsonaro

(Rio de Janeiro) Dozens of Brazilians staged demonstrations across the country on Saturday against President Zaire Bolsonaro, who was involved in a preliminary investigation into suspected failure to report bribery in purchase vaccines.

“This government has already committed more than 500,000 murders, false policies, inbox, lies, and now this absurd scandal of corruption around vaccines,” Dr Patricia de Lima Mendes, a demonstrator in Rio, told 47-year-old AFP.

This is the third day of mobilization since the end of May, demanding the departure of Mr Bolsonaro, who has blamed his management for the coronavirus epidemic that has already killed more than 500,000 people in a country of 212 million. Residents.

The AFP journalist asked if we could read on placards printed at another exhibition, “Genocidal Bolsonaro”, “This is not nihilism, this is corruption” or “Yes to vaccinations”, which brought tens of thousands of people together in the middle of Sao Paulo.

In addition to the T-shirts and red flags of unions and social movements, many protesters hoisted the Brazilian flag, usually in an attempt to regain the national emblem used by right-wing presidential supporters.

Photo by Nelson Antoine, Associated Press

“People have been protesting in the streets since the Internet. The latest impeachment request and information (on a corruption case) contributed to this,” 32-year-old social activist Ana Claudia, who attended the demonstration in Sవోo Paulo, told Lima AFP.

According to images released by Brazilian media, rallies were held in several cities, including Brasilia, Belem (north), Recife (northeast), and Porto Alegre (southern).

The far-right president is suspected of closing his eyes to allegations of corruption reported by a health ministry official.

The official, who testified before the Senate Committee of Inquiry (ICC), said the Indian vaccine was under “typical pressure” to approve the import of Kovacin dose.

The Brazilian prosecution announced Friday that three senators accused of being “dominant” in the affair have launched a preliminary investigation into the allegations against the head of state.

“The President of the Republic has not taken any action after warning about the huge network of corruption in the Ministry of Health,” said ICC Vice President Randolph Rodriguez, one of three. The senators who appealed were to the Supreme Court.

Several opposition parties filed a new petition Wednesday in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies seeking the president’s impeachment.

Experts say the new request is unlikely to succeed, but will allow the opposition to increase political pressure on the president.

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