July 1, 2022

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Canada-US in Stansted. Picnic at the Border

Canada-US in Stansted.  Picnic at the Border

Separated by a simple security banner in the middle of the street, Canadians and Americans can see themselves in the flesh.

Thus Chris Long could not see his parents on Sunday after 10 months.

The Canadian-American family had not seen each other for 10 months before ending up at the border.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Unique Corner

His parents, David Long and Woolley of France, flew from Ottawa to reunite with their son Chris, who immigrated to the United States. For their part, Chris Long and his American wife came straight from New York City to share this moment with family.

This is the best alternative. We did it in September. Apart from looking at each other across the border, we can’t see our son.

A quote from:David Long, a Canadian citizen

Driving hours to find the right place

The family took some time to find the right place to meet again last summer.

There are so many places to meet in the west of the country. So we thought there was definitely a place to meet, Explains France Woolley.

Chris and his American wife Jessica Faust finally heard about the place in a newspaper article. They decided to see with their own eyes if the meeting was possible.

We came and saw a wedding. People at the border can meet in our chairs if they can get married, Emphasizes the American.

A poster was installed on the US side of the border.

Several signs indicate that crossing the border on a street in Stansted is prohibited.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Unique Corner

There are a lot of warning messages on the site. The family said it received a visit from customs officials.

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There are signs. Customs officers come to take their turn. People are coming. Yesterday a Canadian customs officer asked if we knew the laws to make sure we knew what we were doing, Emphasizes David Long.

His son, Chris Long, enjoys a real stay with his family, but his current status prevents him from having such a visit as he has a work visa in the United States.

Before a big reunion at home, the family appreciates the opportunity to meet again in person. It was a pleasure to see this time and it was also great to see families here who have a similar and interesting history, Concluded Chris Long.

Until it returns to normal, this family is enjoying the present moment knowing that better days are coming.

According to the Arian Beland report