September 25, 2022

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Canadians: Do not repeat the 1989 scenario

Canadians: Do not repeat the 1989 scenario

Thus, Tampa Bay Lightning will have a chance to win the Stanley Cup in the fourth game to be played in Montreal.

Only once in the prestigious history of the Montreal Canadians has a rival team lifted the Stanley Cup on Montreal soil.

The Calgary Flames beat the Hobbs 4-2 in the final game at the Montreal Forum on May 25, 1989 to win the Stanley Cup.

Pat Burns led the Canadians that year. Bob Gaine is the captain. The team also includes Chris Chelios, Mats Nassland, Larry Robinson and Patrick Roy.

At other times, the Canadians lost a decisive final game on opposing ice.

On Monday, 2021 Canadians want to avoid being the second edition to experience the same fate.

Avoid sweeping

Dominic Ducharm’s troop also tries to stay afloat.

Only once in their history have the Canadians lost in four consecutive games in the Stanley Cup final.

1952 was the only time the Blue-Blank-Roose faced this tragedy against the Detroit Red Wings.

Finally the final at the Bell Center

For me, describing Game 3 of the Final was an unforgettable experience. It was not the result of a match that identified me, it was a historical fact that we lived.

This is the first Stanley Cup final to be played in Montreal since the forum team moved in 1996.

Since the team arrived at the Molson Center, the Bell Center at the time, hockey fans have not eaten much.

Canada and the United States reached the 1996 World Cup Hockey Final and the 2017 World Junior Championship Final, which pitted Canada against the United States.

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Highlights include the return to the sack game in 2002, the withdrawal of Bernard Geoffrey’s jersey in 2006, the historic comeback against the Rangers in 2008, the Century game in 2009 and some playoff games here and there. Stanley Cup is as ambitious as the final game.

Hope to be there very soon.