May 17, 2022

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Health measures: Inequalities that make people talk

Health measures: Inequalities that make people talk

The Canadian career in the playoffs has exposed the panoply of images showing the huge gap between health care activities here and in the United States. Is it time to throw in some ballast? It may not be so much for our neighbors in the South, but for those who are fully vaccinated, perhaps a little, experts believe.

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Who is right in his management Health measures?

“The current situation in Quebec tells me that we have made the right decision,” predicted Matthew Simon, an IUCPQ intensivist, who quickly recalled that countries deconfined were increasing the number of their cases.

In contrast, for example, the situation in the United States, Florida has nothing to envy, adds population health researcher Maud Laberge. In recent weeks, the rate of new cases per 100,000 people in Hillsborough County, Tampa, has risen from 63 cases to 25 in Montreal. This is almost three times as much.

“Just because our neighbor is doing something doesn’t mean it should be done, especially if it’s not a good idea.”

These inequalities and Meetings at the center Bell they can end Interfere with the measurements of Public health?

Everything is part of a risk management strategy, analyze experts. Very little public broadcasting, along with a low-risk population at meetings, indicates an “acceptable” risk of not being indoors.

“It’s like raising a family. If you are very serious, you will have children, they will revolt and do worse than cleaning their room ”, Image Dr Simon.

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Basically, not because we agree that experts take a few inches of rope, but because experts believe it is absolutely necessary to give it a step.

With NHL Players Exemption from quarantine, We can consider Let’s start again Boundaries coming soon Population?

Matthew Simon sees the NHL playoffs as a “mini living laboratory”. “If it works for them, I think we should open up to people who have been double vaccinated. There is no longer any reason to limit people who have two doses,” the doctor opined.

Currently, the borders are closed until July 21.

“The idea of ​​a vaccine passport should allow these kinds of things,” added Maud Laberge of Laval University, who spoke of the “strong incentive.”

What about the delta variant While some countries are watching Will their situation become critical?

Although we have reached the goal of fully vaccinating 75% of the population by the end of the summer, it will still infect two million more people, experts remind us.

“We can’t say we have complete immunity,” researcher Maud Laberge analyzed, in countries where the delta is highly prevalent, which occurs in people who are completely or not vaccinated.

“We can expect a lot of tension in the fall because vaccinated people will not agree to be redefined, because they are not,” D sees his part.r Simon.