November 27, 2022

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Yves has been in the Bouchemin business for 50 years Arts | The sun

Yves has been in the Bouchemin business for 50 years  Arts |  The sun

After 50 years of work, the author is estimated to have written 6504 pages in these decades, and is ready to admit that he has had “a lucky career ever since” [il a] Can live [sa] Plum 3.

Give life to the novel

While providing educators to analyze and dissect Buchemin’s work, the author does not create fantasies with specific messages. Moreover, he does not believe in “thesis novels” at all.

“We write a novel to give people a human and aesthetic experience. Now, if you have an idea or belief, it will surely come out in the novel. Because we are so immersed. [en tant qu’auteur]He says.

What remains of the “extraordinary” is that literature allows us to live different lives at different times as many times as we want.

Great sorrow

Passionate about this art he has been practicing for five decades, the Octogenarian has only one great sorrow: I have never been able to write a fourth volume Charles recklessly.

“Charles the Reckless was published in three parts, but I wanted to write a fourth. […] We have been following Quebec for 30 years and I wanted to complete this final volume with Quebec Independence. It would have been a very good ending! “He is a man who has always shown himself to be politically committed to the independence movement.

For him, therefore, there is no question of “composing the inary world” and “fleeing from reality in dreams”.

“I can’t write it. I can never write. Yes [l’indépendance] Happens, it will not be in my lifetime. And that was the greatest tragedy of my life. It is the du rief kham of a novelist and the du rief kham of a citizen. “

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What do we want from him in the years to come? To complete his new task and to keep his clarity.

At this respectable age, he said, being healthy more every year is a gift.