May 25, 2022

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Gaming – “Content Creation” Behind the Scenes | THD

Gaming - "Content Creation" Behind the Scenes |  THD

In this 53E The episode of Gaming Story, we received, is a content creator who specializes in the creation of videos on YouTube, us sema u yichka. He went behind the scenes in the world of content creation in the gaming field.

Before elaborating on the business model of content transmission via YouTube, us se uu yichka spoke about his passion for gaming. In this young man from pre-press training (all operations that take place before printing the document, editor’s note), the love for gaming began at an early age with the arrival of the PlayStation 1 before switching to PC.

“I have Ad Video and Raiman in particular video games. Right now, I’m playing online games like BottleRoyal like Wallorant, which has become popular in recent months,” he said.

Returning to his YouTube channel, our young creator made it clear that he had been working on the video content social network since 2012, before collaborating with the Tunisian Gamers TV channel since 2014.

“I ended up creating My own youtube channel To increase the audience the same year. If I have an advice for those who want to enter the field of content creation, you should not rely solely on your passion for gaming. We must deal with issues that seriously affect Tunisian Internet users and ensure their loyalty, ”Ossema recommended.

Regarding the business model of his channel, he argues that the young creator allowed YouTube to have business opportunities and make money in an indirect way. In other words, it is possible to bring back brands and collaborate with other platforms.

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“In terms of cost per click, Tunisia makes very little profit compared to countries in other geographical areas compared to advertising. A channel that makes 100,000 visits a month in France earns 1,000 euros, with three million visits, I only earn 150 euros! “Lament us sema, before adding:” Some brands underestimate the work of content creators by offering very low prices or by asking us to return the product when the equipment we use is too expensive “.

According to him, gaming is very important to his channel because this field gave him the opportunity to meet a very interesting community.

Among other things, he returns to the business model of other platforms such as Twitch, which specializes in video games and allows for a lot of publicity by many brands for live shows sponsored by partnership.

“As for Nemo, it offers a three-year contract, which requires respecting several hours of live coverage (90h or 150h, h.) Finally, the new concept, Trovo, offers to register directly without a deal, but at watchtime it can reach your audience. Translates the average viewing time of the video as a percentage ”.

Aimed at young people who want to get into live streaming, Osama advised them to love what they do and not to think only of profit, because according to him, a lot of patience, commitment and work are required.

Available in full interview SoundCloud.

Yosra Naur