January 30, 2023

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New at Quebec Airport: Boeing 737 converted into a tourist attraction

New at Quebec Airport: Boeing 737 converted into a tourist attraction

From July 15, the newly installed Boeing 737 at Quebec City Airport will be ready to welcome visitors. We know more about this ambitious project worth over 2 million, which would like to register as a must-see tourist destination.

Bar, Summer Terrace, over 600 seats, stage, restaurant discounts, aviation museum, flight simulator and in-flight dining room, Project 737 and more.

For Danny Gagnon, vice president of Chrono Aviation and passionate about the air, about the realization of a personal project that is finally dear to him.

“This is a way to democratize aviation. We want to make it available to the general public. As far as we know, since 2001, we can no longer enter the cockpits. It could not be accessed. The idea behind my project is to be in Tarmac and share about the ability to board an airplane, ”Mr. Gagnon explained.

“I’m been going through this project in my head for eight years. The planets need to be aligned and we’re there,” he added.

Mr. Gagnon believes it will be a “737 project” Must In Quebec. The airport is visible from the road, this device already attracts a lot of interesting people.

“I hope it quickly becomes one of the must see in Quebec. It’s an attraction that attracts people. What we are doing here is very special,” Mr Gagnon said.

New profession

The Boeing 737 transported to Quebec via Highway 40 is enjoying new life. Not that he would fly again. His career is definitely over, but he is given a new mission.

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The site launch is scheduled for July 15. Favorite chocolates are Cheese Mag and Los Tacos (Cage Ox Sports) ready for the catering department, as well as the bar.

Mr. Gagnon believes that with the prevailing weather on the site, visitors will have the impression of being transported to the heart of Tormak.

For the simulator, museum and dining room in Boeing, you have to wait around September 1st to get access.

Already in effect

“We built a small airport tarmac with asphalt terrace, signs and runway lights. We were under an uplifted plane,” he explained.

The terrace is divided into several areas: children, groups, standing bar, VIP section, etc. To make the experience more unique, discounts are installed in fitted shipping containers.

As the device is installed, it continues to attract rotating interest to see it more closely.

  • Built in 1984
  • Appointed by Delta
  • Capacity of 120 passengers
  • In 1993 it was converted to a cargo aircraft for Northern Air cargo
  • Chrono Aviation bought the parts 5 years ago
  • Transported from Trois-Rivieres to Quebec on June 26 via Highway 40