May 18, 2022

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The man was arrested twice within 24 hours in Magog

The man was arrested twice within 24 hours in Magog

In Magoglo, Estre, a long weekend, a thirty-year-old man was arrested twice within 24 hours for various crimes.

A 35-year-old man who was pending to file charges in a fraudulent reimbursement case was released from Memphramagog Police Station (RPM) and intercepted again a few minutes later for automobile robbery, beating and running with injuries. Police chase, dangerous driving and driving during prohibition.

On July 4, three men tried to get a refund for items at the Rona Home Improvement Store in the Rue du Center in Magog. The merchant notices unusual transactions and immediately notifies RPM agents. Three people were later arrested on patrol.

The latter arrested them and seized their two vehicles as criminal property. The two people involved in the intervention appeared on Sunday for a breach of circumstances, which forbade them to stay together, especially for similar offenses.

Minutes after the release, one of the three went to the Ultramar Service Station in Rue Principal u East to seize a customer’s vehicle that had left his car at the pumps. Gasoline.

The matter took advantage of the fact that the key was in an unnoticed vehicle to flee before the eyes of four customers who immediately alerted the owner inside the Convenience store. The accused on his plane backed up in a parked truck.

The civilians intervened to stop the fugitives, but later they stormed into customers and went over one of them.

After two RPM patrols chased the fugitives, police chased them on Highway 10, 85 kilometers towards Montreal. The latter tried to flee from the police. As he was leaving Bromont, police officers from the Bromont Police Department were waiting for him.

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Two police units chased the fleeing man on Soxby Road before he lost control of the stolen vehicle. The accused lowered the traffic light and ended his run in a ditch on nearby land.

Authorities quickly arrested him and took him to hospital.

The item has a long criminal history, including two pending cases for hit and run and theft. Driving him was also banned.

The man appeared at Palais de Justice in Sherbrooke on July 6 on a number of charges, including automobile robbery, stabbing, running, chasing police, dangerous driving and driving during a restraining order, and DPCP with discretion.