July 7, 2022

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They will be 2000 police officers this time

They will be 2000 police officers this time

The SPVM did not have enough staff to stop the mayhem in downtown on June 24 and the Montreal Canadians are working hard for the next game at the Bell Center tonight.

The Montreal Police Department (SPVM) has asked Sereto du Quebec (SQ) for help in replenishing its workforce.

SQ is mobilizing nearly 400 police officers in downtown Montreal for relief from the excesses, similar to the June 24 victory over the Canadians in the conference final against the Golden Knights in Las Vegas.

In all, for the fourth game of the series, nearly 2,000 police officers will be ready to intervene at the Montreal Downtown, Place des Festivals and the Esplanade du Park Olympics, where Canadian matches will be televised on the big screen.

Among them, 175 special agents set up five or six platoons ready to intervene. Already 200 SQ police officers will also go there to support the SPVM members. No one wants to get back what the authorities call the “June 24 Bundoggil”.

“We almost escaped that evening,” said a member of the SPVM Intervention Group during the overtime of the final match that CH won. Our police officers were surrounded and we did not have enough staff. ”

“We were treated so badly that our riot police even fired gas at neighboring stations on their own comrades,” the Montreal police executive said.

According to three sources contacted by our Bureau of Investigation, it was hot at SPVM headquarters on June 24. One of them said, “It’s not because of the heat wave.”

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Montreal police officers did not back down enough police officers on the field on June 24. There were only 600 that night.

According to our information, director Sylvain Karen is unhappy with the turn of events.

The next day, he ordered several protective equipment and asked the Olympic Stadium to urgently train officers to maintain order and use force.

SPVM, which has promised a deficit for the current financial year, will have to pay the upright bill.

Tampa Bay has asked all volunteer police officers to report working overtime for Game 4 of the series against lightning.