July 5, 2022

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Collective action: the Diocese of Quebec “to reach the victims of sexual abuse”

Collective action: the Diocese of Quebec "to reach the victims of sexual abuse"

As part of a “rarely used” class action policy, the Quebec Diocese agrees to publish in the newspapers a statement to find out how many victims of sexual harassment by a cleric since 1940.

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Targeting the demand for mass action, in August 2020, two individuals who claimed to be victims of sexual harassment by members of the clergy, the Quebec Diocese opened the door to an important entry before the Superior Court in late June.

The diocese agreed to record the potential number of victims by making a public appeal, together with the plaintiff’s attorneys.

Prior to authorizing the collective action, the diocese “expressed intent to negotiate for an out-of-court settlement.” In short, the parties want to know the potential number of victims before discussing a final solution.

Lots of victims

The potential compensation in the diocese of Quebec – Saint-Georges-La Mall, and across from the targeted plesisville to portneph, from 1940 to today, having the target, the number of victims is difficult to measure.

“No important to have a permanent”, M refers to theE Alain Arsenalt is the attorney who maintains this file for applicants.

Already, about fifty people came up last summer. OmE Arsenal recalled that an Australian study estimated that 10% of Catholic priests or religious people were aggressors.

As the mass action targeted more than 1,000 priests in the Quebec City area since 1940, about 100 priests were sexually harassed. “How many people are going to report?” The lawyer asks.

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He believes up to 700 people can register for this class action. “Go ahead, sign up. After that it will be too late, “the lawyer appealed.

No entry

In the open-air appeal hinci, said a press release of the Diocese of Quebec, which “nears the victims of sexual abuse,” he confirmed.

On the other hand, before Judge Bernard Godbout, the defendants indicated that the policy was “in no way acceptable to a request made for power.”

“It’s a public relations release, it’s not a great legal value, it’s a nuance. These are legal considerations,” he said.E Arsenal, persuaded to handle the process.

The Quebec Diocese, on the other hand, distinguishes between this file and the overall problem of residential schools. Its spokesman confirmed that “this is another matter”.

Individuals who want to register for class action can write [email protected] Or at the company avokats bellemare: 418 6811227.