May 23, 2022

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COVID-19: “We should not give too much importance to variants”

COVID-19: "We should not give too much importance to variants"

The existence of variations in the evolution of viruses is a common thing, and according to D, learning to “live with” is very necessary.r Carl Weiss.

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“We should not give too much importance to variants,” began a microbiologist-infectious disease specialist at the Jewish General Hospital in an interview with TVA Novels.

The latter variants explain that viruses are a form that follows their host.

“It’s not new, it’s common for the virus to have variations. The virus does the same, it does its job, its human life according to its host. For the virus, this form is a way to adapt its host more appropriately, ”the doctor argued.r Weiss.

Variations of COVID-19 already exist in the world and they continue to multiply, he said.

“What we are seeing is that we are going to have a lot of variants, and we have to live with these variants and we will continue to live with it,” said the microbiologist-infectious disease specialist.

The dr “They are not more dangerous, they are variations,” Wise dictates, especially when the population doubles to be vaccinated.

“If you have a virus that gives you more cases, you are getting more cases, in absolute numbers, despite the severity of the disease being the same. But beyond that, if you get vaccinated twice, we will see that the number of serious cases is really very low, ”he said.

Different calculation

The dr Carl Wise believes the government should review the way the government counts COVID-19 cases on a daily toll.

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“We have to count the cases by saying: in new cases, who has been vaccinated once, who has been vaccinated twice, who has not been vaccinated and in how many cases are sick until they get to the hospital or go to intensive care, or cases are people who have been vaccinated twice because they are completely asymptomatic,” he said. He believes.

The microbiologist-infectious disease expert noted that other countries have already begun to count COVID-19 cases in this way and that it “gives us a better picture of the status of the condition”.