May 24, 2022

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Start at Jay du Temple and his stylist ready-to-wear

Start at Jay du Temple and his stylist ready-to-wear

These two are the party’s talk of recent seasonsDoubling the profession. The faithful tandem of host and comedian Jay du Temple and his stylist Melody Vronsky breaking dress codes with costumes, nail polish and colored hair is now ready-to-wear. Carrie.

Lee Carrier

Lee Carrier

That’s all. The mystery has been lifted. More than a month after the launch of the witty Instagram account @lavieprofessionnelle promoted by Jay du Temple and his gang, we finally know what it is about. The du Temple-Vronsky duo is launching its first ready-to-wear line in the symbol of comfort and inclusion.

They presented it to the general public on Monday during a pop-up sale in Montreal.

My goal is not the most popular brand or the best selling brand. I was already very happy to see a couple coming out to buy pieces from the collection. This project makes me feel good.

Jay du Temple

It all started with the desire to create the perfect hoodie. Directs the comedian, without an elastic band at the waist or at the wrist. In the spring of 2020, He proposed the idea to his stylist Melody Vronsky from the 13thE SeasonDoubling the profession.

“At the beginning of the epidemic, I had a panic attack. I was useless in my work as a stylist. I was very much in question and wondered if Jay did not want to keep me busy!”

  • The Professional Life collection aims to provide comfortable pieces.

    Photo ‌LAVIEPROFESSIONNELLE from Instagram account

    The Professional Life collection aims to provide comfortable pieces.

  • It offers comfortable shorts for summer.

    Photo ‌LAVIEPROFESSIONNELLE from Instagram account

    It offers comfortable shorts for summer.

  • Bag reversible.

    Photo ‌LAVIEPROFESSIONNELLE from Instagram account

    Bag reversible.

1/ 3

She finally accepted the challenge and a year later, the whole collection was born. The latter comes in a few items: a reversible bag, two t-shirts, three hoodies and shorts. These pieces were knitted in Canada before being assembled by the Cope Couturiers Pop, founded in the Hochelaga district. Labels were placed in Melody’s room. The clothes are on sale on the site from this Tuesday.

“Since this is the Jay du Temple, people think it is big business, we have invested lakhs. We did everything in my room. The other night, my mom came to help me keep all the labels. It’s really a family affair, ”said the stylist.

Between comfort and inclusion

By the way, why professional life ? “Because we are passionate, busy loving their work. We have an idea to comfort the work, ”Jay du Temple replies. Therefore, the pieces are functional, intelligent, with a touch of fantasy. “No patterns, no logos. It doesn’t decorate at all, ”Melody Vronsky continues.

Above all, the collection is meant to be inclusive. Sizes are unisex and the cuts are gender neutral.

Including the starting point of the project. The desire that everyone who wants to go on board can do so.

Jay du Temple

This is not the first time he has backtracked on dress standards. Last December, he wore nails and turquoise hair on the cover Elle Quebec. MJ Dacial, a hairdresser who dyes comedian’s hair for publicity, believes that his career is on the same path.

Photo by Marco Campanozi, Press

Hair Salon MJ Digital

“Jay is part of a new generation of guys redefining self-expression and gender codes. As a queer artist, I want to go with him, ”she goes through the ephemeral sale.

You have to ask Jay du Temple, but come inside Doubling the profession, His radio show and podcast on Rouge FM – not to mention specifically creating new ridiculous content – why put more on the shoulders?

“I can’t see it being added to my schedule. I live in terms of ideas. And when an idea never comes out of my head, I have to do it, ”the comedian responds.

Visit the Professional Life website

Visit the Professional Life Instagram account

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