May 17, 2022

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Improved survival rate of 12 cancers

Improved survival rate of 12 cancers

“The survival of the people Cancer An important indicator to assessOverall improvement in prognosisThe National Cancer Institute (NCI) published a 4th edition of its study on “Survival of People Suffering from Cancer in Metropolitan France” published on July 6, “as a result of the steps taken to diagnose and improve the management of cancers from therapeutic progress and at an earlier stage.”

This work – with the Franchise Network of Cancer Registers, Hospice Civils de Lyon and Public Health France’s Biostatistics Service – brings good news: the prognosis for almost all cancer sites has improved. However, it does reveal variations depending Tumors. Details showing the best growth in cancer Chance of survival in 5 years In this slideshow.

Cancerous tumors: A better chance of survival in women

For this study, the researchers estimated the survival of cancer patients at 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years after diagnosis, for 50 solid tumors as well as 23. Malignant hemopathy. They mentioned in their press release for solid tumors, the results a Large disparity in 5 year survival probabilities From the most favorable prognosis for Thyroid cancer (96%), with the worst prognosis Glioblastome (Central nervous system tumor subtype) and Small cell lung lung cancer (Both at 7%) “.

Another observation of scientists: Women have a better prognosis For almost all tumors observed than in men. This gender gap is explained by the greater awareness of screening among women and less exposure to major cancer risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol.

Cancer: Survival data for the first 20 years

The age of French cancer registries now allows us to focus on the chances of the tumor surviving Up to 20 years After diagnosis. The data analyzed patients younger than 75 years between 1970 and 2000 (35 sites for solid tumors and 6 for malignant hemopathy). It seems Survival is relatively stable For tumors with a favorable 5-year prognosis. The study suggests that “testicular cancers (more than 90% of net 20-year survival), skin melanomas (> 80%) and breast cancers (> 63%)”. “For others with cancers of the thyroid and the body of the uterus, the net survival is reduced between 5 and 20 years for those over 70 years of age at diagnosis,” the report said.

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