March 27, 2023

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Kovid-19 and 4th Wave: The pressure starts to put weight on the undesirable shoulders

Kovid-19 and 4th Wave: The pressure starts to put weight on the undesirable shoulders

Will tightening the voice in the wake of vaccine skeptics speed up the campaign, which is facing some slowdown?

Do they condemn the French for rebuilding themselves at the beginning of the school year? Whether they are questionable or a complete antiviral, not receiving a dose of the vaccine against Kovid-19 is currently not welcomed in France.

Despite a 40% recovery in appointments during the 4th wave and for the first dose, the government has begun consultations with elected officials and parliamentary leaders to reflect on the implementation of the Kovid-19 mandatory vaccine for caregivers. Hospitals and nursing homes.

True, the percentage of vaccinated health professionals is stagnant at 64% in hospitals and 57% in nursing homes … “My first concern is restoring, preserving or promoting health, in all its aspects, physical and mental, personal and social”, one of the commitments of the Hippocratic standard When it comes to vaccinations does it protect others as much as it protects itself?

48.44% of the population is not vaccinated

Some policies also seek to extend this responsibility to other professionals exposed to the virus as a last resort. This is not an easy task as 48.2% of the population has not yet been vaccinated Kovid tracker Until July 7.

“Thanks to the massive vaccinations, we have been able to lift almost all sanctions. We have the opportunity to continue to control the epidemic. Tomorrow is up to us and vaccination is all about getting out of the Trump card,” the spokesman stressed. Gabriel Atal Government, Wednesday, July 7.

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In fact, everything is supposed to encourage the majority of the population to be vaccinated, which means forcing them, even though some French people have been judged to be “libertarians”.

“Vaccination is a possibility, not a penalty,” Health Minister Oliver Warren said Sunday evening. However, in France, everything is done to promote the vaccine through a certain “fine”.

Health pass to go to a restaurant?

It starts with a health pass. This allows access to events such as festivals or major matches in stadiums. These may be extended to other events and locations not yet specified by the Prime Minister. Non-vaccination can exclude a portion of the population from certain moments in life. Is French living a good enough argument to provoke the most skeptical?

The so-called “comfort” PCR tests, rather than reassuring themselves with a negative test, are intended to induce people who are afraid of being treated for the virus to be vaccinated.

To restart the campaign, the government is also counting the list of people who have not been vaccinated, which can be sent to doctors, who then have the power to sensitize and motivate those who do not pass the course.

“Less risk than vaccine disease”

For physicians, there is no time to argue for an antiviral that may contain conspiratorial remarks and some that are far from a rational reflection, but “to reassure those who are most fearful, skeptical”, Professor Jacques Rains predicts. Department of Tropical Diseases at Montpellier University Hospital. “They need to be reminded that they are putting themselves and their loved ones at risk. This is the only solution and the only argument that many people have,” he continues, recalling from the beginning what doctors are hammering: the importance of benefit-risk balance, comparing the risk of treatment with its possible benefits. “Side effects for treatment, some always. Some are not serious. But the disease is still high. It is our job to choose between the two risks of treatment or disease. The vaccine is less risky than the disease.”

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