June 30, 2022

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Lawrence Vincent LaPoint goes to the Tokyo Games

Karen Paquin

Canos Kayak Canada unveiled its Olympic team on Wednesday morning, and the 29-year-old Quebec was accompanied by 15 other paddlers.

Finally! After two, many hard years full of twists and turns, I received the official announcement today that I was going to the games. It’s funny because both of them give me a lot of relief and on the other hand, it excites me and it motivates me even more to get the chance to go to games for the first time., She was shocked at the videoconference‌ from the Quebec area attending a camp.

This is my dream for me as a little girl, now, at the age of 29, it will finally come true. It does to me, I can not tell you how emotional. […] It’s not complicated: the first time I picked up my jacket and put it on, I felt cold. Yet I have a cold somewhere else. I am very happy to have this opportunity.

Vincent Lawrence lost the chance to qualify for the national trials in March lapayint need to pass to the next. Canos Kayak Canada (CKC) therefore had to argue its case before the International Canoe Federation (ICF).

So she had to wait weeks before to see if CKC’s efforts to give her quota space had paid off.

Since Lawrence had no chance of qualifying, the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) requested additional quota space for her from the International Olympic Committee, as explained by Adam Clevinas, who led the CKC. So far, there has been no response to the COC.

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Regardless, C-1 and C-2 in Tokyo palgonagalugutundi her two events, there is still a place for the women’s quota, has decided to allocate sikesi her.

Based on a review of the performance of the gold medal after she is shown to be the closest player named Lawrence, the two alternate players, Courtney Stott and Lissa bissonet, have the K-alternate status., Explained Clevinas.

Multiple hazards

Lawrence Vincent Lapoint was a prominent figure in women’s canoeing. She won 13 gold medals at the World Championships and holds several world records, including 46.4 seconds (Moscow 2014) in the C 1-200m.

In Tokyo, in 2021, for the first time in the history of the sport, the women’s canoe will be on display. For the past two years, Quebec has been very close to stealing her Olympic dream from her.

On August 13, 2019, while preparing to compete in the Trifluvian worlds, it was revealed that she had been suspended for failing a doping test.

Athlete, she is known for her honesty and quickly condemns doped athletes Declared his innocence.

Thanks to a hair analysis in a laboratory in Strasbourg, it was discovered that at that time her spouse had consumed a product containing a large amount of ligandrol, which was the source of the suspension.

After that One expert confirmed that a small amount of body fluids found in the body of a canoe could come from the transmission Between her and her boyfriend at the time.

On January 27, 2020, she breathed a sigh of relief. Finally she Cleared from all charges. After months of waiting and anguish, this time she had to miss the worlds and the entire season with her team, the world champion can once again focus on her Olympic goal.

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Then, two months later, it was announced that the Tokyo Games, announced the postponement. As if the planets do not align for her. Okay, I’m good enough, can I finally end this? Vincent Lapoint mentioned. The remaining venues for the Olympics at the Pan American Championships in April 2020 are yet to be determined, but have been canceled due to the epidemic.

She, like many athletes, Find solutions to stay healthy Train without knowing when the competition will start.

With Olympic canoe-kayak venues limited to Canada by quota, the only chance to qualify for the Trifluvian is through the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic trials in British Columbia in March this year.

To make matters worse, La Canis’ Canoeist C-1,200m Lost her qualification in, where she was beaten twice by her partner in the C-2,500m, Ontario Katie Vincent‌. Then, she climbed 500m in C-2. Participate in, because she Withdraw from competition due to COVID-19 protocol.

Lawrence Vincent Lapoint is a pioneer. She was there when the International Federation of Women launched its world body in 2010. She won the gold medal in 18th place. She gave her first paddling strokes when the women who chose the cano were still the object of ridicule, taken for casual te enthusiasts with a witty pastime.

Over the years, Vincent Lapoint has campaigned with one goal in mind: to achieve the highest recognition for women canoeing.

From the beginning of her career, she hoisted C-1,200m and C-2,500m in the competition, the two events have been added to the Olympic program.

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200m before this year, his favorite distance, the gold medal escaped only once from his debut. It was 2015, and she still dreams about it tonight.

Other members of the Canadian canoe-kayak team competed in the K-1,200m at the 2012 London Games. In the bronze is veteran Mark de Jonge. Nova skotiyans qualified in K -4, Pierre-Luc Pauline and his colleagues, Nicholas and Simon MacTavish matviv.

Quebecian Andrian Longlois will compete in his second Olympic Games in kayaking.

Tokyo Sea Forest Canal Canoe-Kayak speed events will take place on August 2-7.