June 26, 2022

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Claim Cloud Gaming with Xbox Ads and PlayStation Controller | Xbox One

Claim Cloud Gaming with Xbox Ads and PlayStation Controller |  Xbox One

In recent years, the boundaries between the three manufacturers, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo, have opened up more than ever. Despite each historically having its own player base, its own games and its online community, the barriers are gradually dropping and this is good for the players!

Video games are opening up more and this is good news

We first saw the arrival of cross-play in a few games, and the principle is now democratized. Today, most large multiplayer games are launched with the ability to play the same games whether you are on Xbox or PlayStation‌. In 2021 this may seem very common, but a few years ago it was still impossible.

Then we started looking at some bridges between Xbox and Nintendo. For example, we saw the arrival of Mincraft in Super Smash Brothers. Creation of Ultimate or Banjo Kazui Amibo.

On another note, and due to specific trade agreements, we were also able to see the PlayStation Studios logo on the Xbox Game with the arrival of the MLB The Show 21 on the Xbox Game Pass and it is not impossible for us to find the logo when Xbox Game Studios in Deathloop releases on PS5 on September 14th or at least on the Xbox .

In short, the video game is more open, and it is the players who are the first big winners.

We know that the Xbox is very active in this field and to achieve its goal of seeing more players coming into its platform, the brand is increasing the compatibility of its games and services. To emphasize its location, the Xbox recently featured the PlayStation DualShock 4 controller in an ad for its cloud gaming. It’s been a while since we’re used this PlayStation Controller to play Xbox games on the Microsoft cloud, but this is the first time it’s been advertised this way, and is entirely owned and claimed by Xbox.

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Below is an image below of an announcement to play with the Xbox Cloud Gaming with the Sea of ​​Thieves game on the tablet and DualShock 4. Of course, this compatibility allows Microsoft to remove barriers to attracting PlayStation audiences to its platform, but in the end, it is the winner of the most select users and all of these.

Look at this picture
This is one of our ads for cloud gaming
Have you seen what is in these hands?
This is a controller from another brand

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