July 5, 2022

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First Nations Electoral Assembly: Roseanne Archibald elected

First Nations Electoral Assembly: Roseanne Archibald elected

Following the fifth round of elections, Roseanne Archibald of Taikou Tagamou First Nation in Ontario was elected Chief of the First Nations Assembly.

She will be the first female leader to be electedAPN.

After the fifth round Reginald Belleros accepted the victory because Mrs. Archibald had won more votes than him, without getting the support number needed for victory.

In the fifth round MS Archibald won 50.5% of the vote against 35.5% of the opponent.

Fourth round results:

  • Roseanne Archibald: 206 votes (50.7%)

  • Reginald Belleros: 129 votes (43.3%)

Candidate Alvin Fidler withdrew in the third round, who chose to stand behind RoseAnne Archibald.

After much thought and consultation with my family and adults, I decided to support RoseAnne ArchibaldMr Fidler wrote on Twitter.

You need to recognize how important female leadership is in the current situation.

A quote from:Alvin Fidler

Alvin Fidler (Muscat Dam) and Roseanne Archibald (Taiqua Tagamou) were members of the first country in northern Ontario.

Mr. Fidler Nishnav Askie Nation’s Outgoing Grand Chief, Mrs. Archibald Ontario Regional ChiefAPN Before the election. Glenn Hare replaced her in June.

Third round results:

  • Reginald Belleros: 144 votes (40.3%)

  • Roseanne Archibald: 129 votes (36.1%)

  • Alvin Fidler: 64 votes (17.9%)

  • Jodi Calaho-Stonehouse: 20 votes (5.6%)

Reginald Belleros has been head of the Muscovacక్n First Nation in Saskatchewan since 2005.