December 1, 2022

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Florida | The building collapsed and killed 60 people in Surfside

Florida |  The building collapsed and killed 60 people in Surfside

(MIAMI) Sixty people were killed when a building collapsed on June 24 in Surfside, Florida, local officials said Thursday.

The previous day, emergency services had decided to end the search for survivors, but 80 people were missing.

A search of the wreckage of the 12-storey waterfront building found no survivors except a teenage boy a few hours after the crash.

But “we are still praying for a miracle,” said Charles Burkett, mayor of the small town of 6,000 residents, who promised Thursday that “all hope has not been given up.”

At 15E On the day of the operation, rescuers observed a brief silence at 1:20 a.m., when part of the building collapsed.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Danielle Levine Kawa, who owns Miami and the Surfside, said: “This work will continue with all speed and urgency.

“We are working 24 hours a day to find the victims and evacuate the families as soon as possible,” she told a news conference.

Police officers and forensic experts are working to locate the bodies or human remains so that they can alert the relatives of the victims.

OmTo me Levin Kawa believes the rabbis are cooperating with the police to uncover the remains of victims related to their religion, and that there is a large Jewish community on the surf.

Defenders also set aside personal belongings, identification documents, photo albums, school certificates, jewelry, wallets, cell phones, tablets and weapons.

Relatives of the victims “of the missing items in the report, in the coming weeks or months we’ll be working to get back to the families,” she said.

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At least 124 tons of debris were removed from the Champlain Towers South building, which appeared to have collapsed on the building’s construction sites, but still largely unexplained and partially collapsed.

The rest of the building, considered unstable and dangerous, was subject to a controlled demolition on Sunday evening, with teams advancing on excavated areas that had not been accessible until then.