May 27, 2022

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Indiscriminate message from Gary Betman?

Indiscriminate message from Gary Betman?

The words of Gary Betman, before handing over the Stanley Cup to the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday, left a bitter taste among some Montreal Canadian fans.

True, the commissioner of the National Hockey League failed to congratulate or mention the Hobbs players in his speech, before captain Steven Stankos paraded with the valuable trophy.

“It happens and is only for the blues. Blue-white-red on the other hand, right?” Host Jean-Charles Lazoi was asked Thursday on TVA Sports.

“Your most ambitious team in the National Hockey League … it’s not damn good!”

“He gave it up,” said former Canadian goaltender Eric Fichad.

For his part, analyst and former circuit Cerberus Betman Luis Dominguez believes that Cinderella’s team CH’s surprises have damaged the league’s portfolio since the playoffs began, something Betman struggled to swallow.

“It frustrated him that he would have lost 90% of the revenue he could have earned if Vegas had reached the final. He sent his message wisely, but at the same time indiscriminately,” he explained.

“If Gary Betman had taken the minimum tasty care to bow to the beautiful course of Canadians before cutting champagne with his champions, perhaps Kucherov would have been a little embarrassed,” Lazoi said.

Watch the video above.

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