May 28, 2022

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Pastor Mukherjee made false statements

Pastor Mukherjee made false statements

Pastor Paul Mukhendi, who faces charges of producing false tax returns, pleaded guilty Wednesday morning and was ordered to pay a minimum fine, 000 150,000.

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A Quebec investigator has revealed that a man who called the city of Quebec an “apostle” was accused of committing these acts.

“The investigation revealed that the cash value of Mr. Mukhendi’s accounts was much higher than the expenses he declared and that his living income was faster than the income he declared,” Revenu summed up the lawyer representing Quebec.

Taxable income

“In many of the cases under investigation, he has collected sums from his professional activities and these collections, as they recur over time, have been taxable income in relation to his activities,” the prosecutor said.

This plea made by the person of the Church came as a result of a “global agreement” between the parties obtained after several convening meetings.

Initially, the Quebec Center evangelical parole DY and the Reverend’s press secretary, Mary-Eve LePage, were initially charged on Wednesday, but the prosecutor asked the judge to announce the verdict. Actions against center and center. Lady.

On the appeal of sexual harassment

Over the next five days, Mukherjee pledged to deposit $ 25,000 and he would have to clear the remaining fine within the next 24 months.

Last November, Newspaper After the bankruptcy and the seizure of his house, the pastor revealed that his wife had earned a sum of 25 625,000 into a luxury residence in Cap-Rouge.

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Mukhendi was released after being asked by the Court of Appeal to consider the verdict, despite being found guilty of sexual harassment against a minor and serving eight years in prison.