November 27, 2022

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Sagune – Lock-Saint-Jean | Restaurant owners refuse to host Eric Duheim events

Sagune - Lock-Saint-Jean |  Restaurant owners refuse to host Eric Duheim events

Restaurant owners in Sagune-Lock-Saint-Jean learned on Friday that Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) leader Eric Duhaim was planning to organize partisan events within their walls. The owners of the companies quickly informed that they refused to hold such meetings.

Coralie Laplante

Coralie Laplante

“We all went through the same business. We learned from customers this morning,” said Vladimir Antonov, owner of Hopera Micro Brewery in Jonquier.

Like Hoppera, Bistro Cafe Summum’s text message boxes in Chikoutimi and Microbrasery du Lock-Saint-Gene in Saint-Guardian are full of unhappy customer messages. They objected that these companies had received Mr. Duheim in July.

PCQ announced a series of events taking place in the area on its Facebook page.

All the restaurants got a call for 10 reservations from PCQ, they wanted to come and discuss politics. They never knew about the existence of the party leader.

“A very dubious practice”

“Mr. Eric Duheim invited himself to Summu without our permission. I would like to point out that he never informed us and that this practice is very questionable. Not to mention that he will not walk through the doors of our establishment,” Benedict Morin, co-owner of Bistro Cafe Sumum, wrote on his Facebook page. These kinds of messages started circulating on social networks.

Vladimir Antonov declared that “our way of thinking about Hopera has nothing to do with Mr. Duheim’s beliefs, and we are also against him.”

“It’s a completely different story where people can come to meet Eric Duheim in our place,” Mr Antonov said.

Photo archived by Paul Chiason, Canadian Press

Sylvain Goudralt, PQ member for Jonquier

Sylvain Goudralt, a member of the party Cubacois in the National Assembly, responded to the news on his Twitter page. “El Hopera is a gang of entrepreneurial entrepreneurs from my ride. I fully support them in this position. They have corporate values, and they totally ume it,” he wrote.

We do not take a position for a political party. If you want to take beer with your family, your employees or your gang, that’s fine. We are not here to say that we support such and such another party.

Annie Saint-Hiller, owner of Microbrassery du Lock-Saint-Gene

Lock-Saint-Jean, Jimmy Voir, tour manager of Eric Duheim in Sagune, did not mention the presence of the PCQ chef when called to reserve tables at various restaurants. However, he emphasized that the revivalists had already embraced other political parties within their walls.

“I replied to the two owners. I told them that abolishing culture was a two way street. As soon as you say no to anyone, you enter the political game. […] We have tens of thousands of members on our platforms, ”said Mr. Voir.

Duhaim blamed a “cheap shot” from his opponents

“Opponents start making calls and putting pressure on these people, I think it’s very normal,” Eric Duheim said in an interview. Tap.

“I see this as cheap from our political rivals,” he said. The politician was of the opinion that his opponents had approached restaurants to cancel the events.

The owner of Microbrassery du Lock-Saint-Jean refers to regular customers who have joined her. “We are not angry with Mr. Duheim or anyone. We do not want to be recognized by any party,” said Annie Saint-Hillary.

The head of PCQ declared that the pandemic “does not want to break the sugar in the back of restaurants”.

“It was a problem for us the first time, then, because we were lucky, it wasn’t [restaurateur]He also talked about Sylvain Goudralt’s outing.

“When our opponents start doing that, we start to get upset. In politics, it’s not negative, it’s a redemption of fame in a certain way,” Eric Duheim said.

He felt that his opponents feared that his party would have “wind in its boats”.

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