December 1, 2022

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Kovid-19: Polynesia is concerned about the circulation of the Delta variant

Kovid-19: Polynesia is concerned about the circulation of the Delta variant

“Two variant cases contaminated locally by imported variant case”. This is the same screening test conducted in Tahiti last weekend. This is worrying news, as the entire health protocol introduced by the country aims to prevent the import and local transmission of variants of the virus, especially this delta variant.

Fortunately, the health survey has been able to identify the source of these contaminants, as reported Tahiti information. This morning the EP-Surveillance Cell confirms that a Polynesian resident returning from Hexagon France has contaminated local cases.

The man was initially tested negative at Tahiti-Faya airport. Unbeknownst to her, she had been in solitary confinement for ten days, intended to confirm that she had not carried the virus and that she would develop the disease after her arrival. This traveler did not respect the responsibility of his loneliness, or did not undergo screening tests in D + 4 and D + 8, which are usually mandatory.

“Man manifested after experiencing many symptoms”, Prescribes epidemiologist Pierre-Henry Mallet. ” Ten days after arriving at Tahiti-Faya airport, she received a positive confirmation. ” The potential contact cases of two people who were found to be polluted along with this traveler are still being investigated. “Imagine the presence of other unidentified contact topics”, Refers to an epidemiologist.

A more dangerous variant

“We know the Delta variant is more contagious than the historical variant”, The stressed epidemiologist recalled “Importance of Capital” Vaccine in the fight against this variant. “Admittedly, the vaccine does not completely protect against its transmission but it does protect against severe forms of the variant”. According to the latest epidemiological point released yesterday, 66,019 people received complete immunotherapy with one or two injections, depending on the vaccine. Nearly 10,000 people are waiting for the second dose of the vaccine.

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The epidemic situation, at this stage, is not of concern: only 17 cases are being actively considered in Polynesia this Friday, with four new positive cases between Wednesday and Thursday. The epidemic has killed 144 people, with two deaths since the beginning of this month. Finally, it should be noted that according to the latest Epidemiological Bulletin, no patient is currently hospitalized in the Kovid field. The first for almost a year.

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