July 3, 2022

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Nikita Kucherov signed a deal with Bud Light

Nikita Kucherov signed a deal with Bud Light

There has been a lot of talk about Nikita Kucherov over the last few days since she won the cup. True, the Russian forward of the Tampa Bay Lightning is making headlines in the National Hockey League In his post-match interview he drinks beer while throwing arrows at CH fans and Mark-Andre Fleury.

His agent, Daniel Milstein, added a photo of Kucherov with the Stanley Cup, explaining that it was intended for CH supporters.

Well, the dust raised by his words has not yet settled, the talk about him continues. True, today we learned that Nikita Kucherov has agreed with Bud Light for a sponsorship deal.

It was as humorous as a signature and a situation that gave her a recent interview. It was a lack of respect for him, and many said he did not exhibit a good role model for children.

Bud Light Beer signing such an agreement with Kucherov is very special. True, through this signature, Bud Light promotes the actions and words of the Russian striker in his interview.

However, Kucherov did not show any sign of regret with this signature. On the contrary, he seems to be proud of his interview.

In short, bud light sales in Quebec may decline, but since it is not popular here, it is a calculated risk. Tell them that Nikita Kucherov is not a favorite of Kubeckers these days.

Also, if Kucherov wanted to find other sponsors, why didn’t the shaving company give him his torso in his interview?

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