May 24, 2022

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Shortage of parts: Automotive production slows down

Shortage of parts: Automotive production slows down

Construction of new vehicles has slowed and auto dealer prices have been vacant for several weeks.

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“This is something I have never seen, I have been in this field for 36 years. This is a really special thing, “said Pierre Tremble, president of Jedi Jeep Ram.

Car manufacturers are working very hard to capture electronic chips called semiconductors, which sometimes appear in dozens of cars. Think reverse cameras or blind spot warning devices. Consequently: The list of car dealers is then affected.

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“The problem is definitely, right now, especially with our vans. Because, in general, I currently have 80 to 100 RAM in the yard. I have to have two when I speak,” the president explained.

The same observation at Lessard Hyundai

“Right now, you should have double the list you see here right now. Manufacturers, at that time, at Hyundai, had limited access to these semiconductors, so we favored the sold order, to ensure that the customer who was already committed to the car could have it. Inventories are scarce, but customers who buy are served first, ”said Fran ఫois Rondi, General Manager Sales at Lessard Hyundai.

The phenomenon is the world. Vehicles arriving at dealerships are often sold. We also protect our exhibitors.

“It’s a Tucson hybrid, a very popular model. I have one in my hand; I can not sell, I can not sell it. I don’t know. ‘There will be another,’ said Franకోois Rondi.

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“This concern is persistent, it’s permanent, but it’s not permanent. You know, COVID has a broad backlog in most cases.

This slowdown will have no impact on vehicle prices, according to CCQ. The semiconductor production rate usually needs to resume in the fall.