May 21, 2022

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The Justice Committee in Ottawa urgently recalled the Conservatives

The Justice Committee in Ottawa urgently recalled the Conservatives

The Conservatives have called an emergency ethics committee meeting to discuss the Liberal Party of Canada (DFC)’s use of parliamentary funds to make donations to two organizations that run the party’s digital activities.

Three Conservative members of the committee, Michael Barrett, Jacques Gourde and Colin Carey, sent a letter to the president urging him to launch an investigation into the misuse of parliamentary funds.

Globe & Mail revealed this week that LPC has donated $ 1 million from parliamentary funds to NGP Van, a U.S. company that maintains a database of liberal supporters across the country.

Such an effort proves to be central to the activities of a political party, especially during the election campaign.

The newspaper reported that many Federal Liberal MPs had voluntarily donated more than $ 30,000 to the Montreal Company Data Sciences from their budgets.

The company is run by Tom Pitfield, a close associate of Justin Trudeau, who says he was a childhood friend of the Conservatives. Mr. Pitfield is the chief digital strategist for the 2015 federal campaign, according to the company’s website.

House of Commons rules prohibit the use of public funds for political or partisan activities leading to elections, but it is not yet clear whether the use of these funds is unethical.

“It’s very worrying that the Liberals are making coordinated efforts to give taxpayers money to these liberals,” the Conservative MP denounced.

According to the Conservative Party, an emergency meeting of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics is scheduled for Monday.

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