July 5, 2022

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The real “secret” is in Montreal

The real "secret" is in Montreal

I have been filling my ears with the “Quebec Mystery” for years.

“Why do Quebec people vote the way they do? “

“Why do Quebec people think the way they do? “

“Why do Quebec people behave differently from the rest of the province? “

The “new” coder

Every time I hear these insights, I answer: “Quebec is no secret! Need a secret? Look towards Montreal! “

We have more proof this week when the “new” Denise Coder, who led the voting motives in the metropolis against Valerie Plante, filed as a candidate in C కోట్te d’Ivoire / Notre-Dame County. -D-Greece. .. Law 21’s fierce opponent Giuseppe “Joe” Ortona!

One law I remind you of is that it is supported by 70% of Cubakers and is as dear to their hearts as Bill 101.

This is a great way to get the Francophone on your side, Mr. Coderre!

Congratulations! I’m sure your friends will be happy to think that the Quebecars are a racist group!

“The English-speaking community also needs a representative,” the former mayor presented his new star candidate.

Especially in Montreal, they are under-represented, aren’t they, Mr. Future Mayor?

“An Intolerant Law”

For those with a small memory, here are some of the statements Mr. Ortona made about Bill 21 when he was president of the English Montreal School Board.

“Bill 21 is contrary to the values ​​of all Quebeckers.”

“It sends a message of intolerance and exclusion to our students and their families.”

“At the English Montreal School Board, we value the diversity of our students and staff. We also respect the personal and religious rights guaranteed by Quebec and the Canadian Charters of Human Rights and Freedoms. A culture that respects religious freedom. “

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In other words: Bill 21, which is supported by a large percentage of Quebeckers, justifies intolerance, closure and disrespect for diversity.

This is the man Mr. Coderre chose to refer to him!

English-Canadian newspapers continue to call us racist and studies say Montreal is being anglicized at high speed!

With a friend like Denise, who wants enemies?


This is not Quebec, it is against the grain of the whole province: it is Montreal!

In one corner, you have a mayor who forgot to speak French at her press conference and likes to mispronounce Montreal as “unseeded mohawk territory”.

And another, the need for the “new Denise” to spit on Bill 21 and the Anglos of Montreal, the poor, who invented a defender!

We’re on the right track, folks!

If so, new Denis Coderre, let’s hope it continues as long as the new Coke.