June 30, 2022

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The web phenomenon Gurdeep Panther is emerging in Quebec

The web phenomenon Gurdeep Panther is emerging in Quebec

Dancer – and social media star – Gurdeep Panther is visiting Quebec to spread his good humor, thanks to his Bhangra moves. With this traditional dance from the state of Punjab in India, he seeks to spread happiness and raise awareness on the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19.

Pascaline David

Pascaline David

Since early July, the dancer, known as “Gurdeep Panther of the Yukon” on social networks, has traveled to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec to bring a good dose (or both) of optimism.

“I started making videos during the epidemic to bring joy, hope and unity to the people,” he said over the phone, in English. Dance is a universal language that has the power to bring people together. ”

Photo by Pascal Rathe, Special Combination

Bhangra Gurudeep Pandhar dance

Success does not take long. Hundreds of thousands watched Gurdeep Pandhar’s powerful movements. He now has nearly 140,000 followers on Twitter.

Meeting with Damien Rabbitile

Going through the metropolis, Gurdeep Pandhar wore the colors of the Montreal Canadians in support of the hockey team in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday.

The dancer had the opportunity to visit Damien Rabitail, a Franco-Ontarian singer based in Quebec. In a single take, they created a video of less than two minutes, which went viral.

The winning recipe? Gurdeep’s movements are combined with Damien’s voice and instruments, not forgetting the expression of his dog Suki, on the rhythm. Pump up jam By Technotronic. “It’s as improbable as the epic,” Damien Rabitail wonders, comparing the meeting to an eclipse.

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A few months ago, two people got in touch on social networks for their first virtual collaboration on this song. Happy, By Farrell Williams. They met for the first time in real life in Ottawa, and later in Langueil, at Damien Rabitail.

Photo provided by Damien Rabitail

Gurudeep Pandhar and Damien Rabitail spent half a day together on Wednesday at Mount Royal Park in Montreal.

Two web phenomena are usually investing in social networks during an epidemic, relieving environmental anxiety. “People say to me: You’re the gurudeep of music and he’s Damien of dance,” said Damien Rabitail, a brother living in Yumin.

Watch the Gurdeep Panther dance in front of St. Lawrence at Park Jean-Drop

Gurudeep danced with Councilor Mary Florde for the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough on Avenue du Mont-Royal. “Gurdeep is a real bridge between cultures and places,” says M.S.To me Florde. This is the actual process of peace and happiness that we really need at the moment. ”

Celebrate the earth

Gurdeep Pandhar emigrated to Canada a few years ago and settled in Yukon, where he teaches Bhangra. The dance was created by Sikh farmers in Punjab, India to celebrate the fertility of the earth and nature – a favorite of the dancer as it lives in the middle of the Boreal forest.

“I also like the feeling of belonging to a community in the Yukon, where everyone knows each other,” said Gurdeep Pandhar. He met with many indigenous communities to share his love of dance, but also to learn about their cultures.

Gurudeep Pandhar will return to the Yukon from Quebec on Monday, July 12. But next year, he plans another big project: a cross country ski trip from Newfoundland and Labrador across Canada.

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