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74th Cannes Film Festival | Flag Day: Family affair

74th Cannes Film Festival |  Flag Day: Family affair

(Cannes) Never starred in a film he directed, with Sean Penn being the exception Flag Day, A play about the relationship between a father and his daughter, in which he answers his own daughter Dylan. He did well.

Mark-Andre Luzier

Mark-Andre Luzier
Special Ambassador, Law Press

Five years after every filmmaker’s nightmare in Cannes, Sean Penn is once again running for Palm d’Or. Flag Day, Based on the autobiography of journalist and author Jennifer Vogel. Remember that in 2016, Sean Penn came up with the Croissant The last face, One of the most ntic picks of the year, as headlines, Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem and Jean Renault.

However, this film has become one of the dangers that no one can understand the reasons why they occur. The fact is that The last face, One of the worst films ever screened in Cannes in the last 20 years, has been in circulation for a long time before being taken over by an American distribution company. It should also be remembered that at that time the films were shown to journalists in the morning before the official evening screening. For Sean Penn, who was murdered at the end of a press session, climbing stairs was a huge test.

Like coming home

The director, giving himself a role for the first time in the film he is directingInto the wilderness Regains its health in Cannes Flag Day. The film not only gives him a story that is firmly anchored in the DNA of America, but also gives him the opportunity to answer his daughter Dylan Penn. Flag Day The relationship between a father and a daughter is really built around her, and when she grows up she realizes that what she respected in her childhood did not correspond to the image she loved to keep.

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First camped out in the 1970s and then twenty years later, this extraordinary father, digitally conscious of the qualities played by Sean Penn, knew how to create a fantasy world for his children.

In times of family crisis, two children love to leave their mother – and her new spouse – to go and live with those they see as a great generator of all kinds of adventures.

Photo provided by Metro-Goldwin-Meyer

Starring Dylan Penn Flag Day, A film directed by Sean Penn.

John Vogel, one of the greatest bank robbers and forgers of his time, who secretly lives a double life, is met by reality. Penn lives on in explaining the effect of delusions on children at a young age and in adolescence. Jennifer’s brother Nick is played by Sean’s son and Dylan’s brother Hopper Penn.

Exceptional actor

Photo by Johanna Geron, Reuters

In Flag Day, Sean Penn is likely to answer his daughter Dylan. The film is running for Palm d’Or.

Beyond the story, the essential touching, Flag Day Thanks to the approach taken by Sean Penn. Although filmed in Manitoba, you may think that this family drama was originally filmed by Terrence Malik, who, in terms of images and atmosphere, oozes “America” ​​in all its shots. This musical track, interspersed with folk songs, is further enriched by the original compositions to use the script theme of this family story of father-daughter duet between Cat Power, Glen Hansard, and Eddie and Olivia Vedder.

Too, Flag Day Sean Penn tells us how much he appreciates being an exceptional actor. Although he says he should never wear two hats in the film he is directing, it is really wrong to lose this aspect of his talent.

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