May 17, 2022

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Emergencies at Mysonnev-Rosemont Hospital | Cries from the hearts of doctors

Emergencies at Mysonnev-Rosemont Hospital |  Cries from the hearts of doctors

Doctors in the emergency room at Mysonnev-Rosemont Hospital are screaming from the heart, in an open letter titled “Health system sinking”. They condemned the consequences of the shortage of nurses, describing it as “unsustainable”.

Alice Girard-Boss

Alice Girard-Boss

“We don’t have enough staff on the floor to treat patients, so we force them to stay for the next shift, which confuses their quality of life,” the doctor lamented.r Interview with Bernard Mathew, Emergency Physician at Mysonnev-Rosemont Hospital Tap.

Nurses who are overburdened with work resign. “This means we still have fewer nurses, so they do more mandatory overtime. We are in a vicious circle. ”

If nothing is done, the emergency physician fears he will lose all of the nurses. “I do not see how it will end. It will continue to decline. If the summer continues like this, we will not end.”

Currently, Mysonnev-Rosemont Hospital is losing more employees than they were hiring in emergencies. “Every weekend, we hear about resigned nurses,” the doctor said.r Matthew.

All of the hospital’s emergency room nurses had to be on the next shift last weekend. “We ‘ve already seen it during historic blizzards, but here we are not out of control.”

The situation is exacerbated by the epidemic

Despite the shortage of labor for a few years, the pandemic exacerbated the problem. « COVID-19 puts a lot of stress, causing nurses to retire or move earlier than expected, ”said the emergency physician.

In the absence of nursing staff, the beds on the upper floors are “closed”. “As a result patients stay in the emergency room longer, so it doesn’t help us, it only makes our condition worse,” the doctor said.r Matthew.

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In particular, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubey, urged the physician to apply the urgent order directing nursing staff placement agencies in the metropolitan area to replace positions only during unfavorable hours, i.e. in the evening and at night. Weekends. “This prevents nurses from leaving the network so easily to work hours in convenient agencies,” he concluded.