March 25, 2023

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Listen to music to find the speech

Listen to music to find the speech


  • Listening to music improves speech recovery in patients with aphasia after stroke.
  • Music is a tool to be used in addition to scientific rehabilitation methods.

Listening to music has many virtues: reducing anxiety, increasing well-being, improving sleep, and so on. According to A study published in the journal eNeuro, This art has a new purpose: to improve language recovery in patients a Stroke (Stroke). Stroke Sudden loss of one or more functions of the brain. Its severity depends on the location and extent of the affected areas of the brain. Some patients have a language disorder after a stroke called aphasia, which results in complete loss of the ability to speak from the difficulty of finding words. Maintenance is usually lengthy and results vary from patient to patient.

Vocal music improves speech recovery

The authors compared the impact of listening to audio books on their work, music – vocal and instrumental – and the structural and functional recovery of the language network of stroke patients. They followed participants for three months to observe evolution. “For the first time, we were able to demonstrate that the positive effects of vocal music are linked to the structural and functional plasticity of the language network., Assures Alexei Sihvonen, one of the researchers. It expands our understanding of the mechanisms of action of music-based nerve rehabilitation methods.”. According to the researchers, vocal music restores the structural connectivity of the language network in the left frontal lobe in relation to language skills. True, Does not lose the ability to talk about stroke patients. She was just hurt. “The brain is plastic, Explains Dr. Pierre Decavel, a neurologist at CHU de Besann (Dobbs). He can reorganize himself to get his duties back ”. Hence the interest in working on preserved duties.

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Music must complete scientific rehabilitation techniques

Listening to vocal music as a measure of improving the scientific rehabilitation provided by care organizations, Alexei Sihvonen. This activity can be easily managed from the first rehabilitation meetings”. So music is full of scientific rehab but it should not be replaced. It also helps to rehabilitate patients with mild speech disorders when other rehabilitation options are not working. “Unfortunately, spending too much time in the hospital is not a stimulus, Alexei Sihvonen. During these times, listening to music can be an additional rehabilitative tool.”. There are programs like France AVC Association Who proposed Workshops and meetings to facilitate patient rehabilitation and facilitate the work of caregivers. Every year, 155,000 people in France suffer from stroke.