December 6, 2022

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New life for the vaccine campaign

New life for the vaccine campaign

The Quebec announcement that the vaccine passport will be implemented in September has significantly increased the number of vaccine appointments.

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More than 9,000 people were allocated a time slot on Thursday to receive the COVID-19 vaccine dose, which is three times higher than the previous week.

“Even though the weather is good, cases are dropping and we are in summer vacation mode, it’s a good thing to ring the bell to remind people to get vaccinated,” the doctor said.r Andre Whelet, researcher in immunology.

The Quebec government announced this week that the vaccine passport should be in effect in September. It is used only in the event of an outbreak to prevent extensive control of individuals who have been adequately vaccinated.

“The four-week interval between doses and the two-week period after the second dose is fully effective. So if people want to be ready for September 1, they have to start now,” said Andre Wheelt.

Good for stores

According to him, proving the vaccine is the right thing to do “because we cannot be repeatedly detained. ”

“It’s good for shops, restaurants, gyms. With a vaccine passport, they will probably lose 10% of customers. But they can prevent the catastrophe that shuts everything down. And when you go somewhere, it’s reassuring to know that those around you have been vaccinated, ”he said.

Mark Fortin, president of the Retail Council of Canada, said the additional measure was a good safety net for the economy.

The dr Andre Wheelt stressed the importance of putting in place measures we already know to fight COVID-19, namely wearing a mask, identifying cases during an outbreak.

“Even if people are vaccinated, they can still get the virus [sans symptôme] And especially for children under 12 who have not been vaccinated, ”he explained.

Rapid tests

He laments that people are not yet using the rapid tests they can do themselves to prevent the spread of Quebec.

“It’s very useful, but the tests are sleeping in warehouses. Ventilation in schools also needs to be improved because it’s children who do not attend them,” the immunologist said.

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