March 21, 2023

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Amazing message from Marcus Rashford after the defeat in the final!

England: Marcus Rashford’s wonderful message after defeat in final!

Since losing his penalty last night and facing racist insults, Marcus Rashford has written a very moving message on social networks.

England’s third shooter, Marcus Rashford Gianluigi hit the post when he took Donorum on the wrong foot during a penalty shootout last night in the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy. The failure to follow Jadon Sancho and two others from Bukayo Saka provoked the English defeat. Victim of racist insults, Marcus Rashford posted a shocking message on Instagram.

On Instagram, the Manchester United star wrote a sharp post:

“I do not even know where to start and I do not even know how to express what I’m feeling right now. I have had a tough season, I think it’s clear to everyone and I probably walked into this final with a lack of confidence. I have always volunteered for a penalty, but something went wrong. In the long run, I took a step back and unfortunately the result was not what I wanted it to be. Playing over and over again in the head and not having a word to describe how I feel.Last.55 years.1 Penalty.History.I’m sorry I can say.I wish it had turned out differently, while I continue to apologize, this is the best meeting I have ever had. One in the arsenal and all of you played a role in it. Unchanging fraternity is built. Your success is my success. Your failures are mine. I became an athlete who expected to read things written about me. Whether it’s the color of my skin, where I grew up or more recently, I decide how to spend my time off the pitch. You can criticize me for my performance all day, my penalty is not good, it should come in but I will not apologize for who I am and where I came from. I could not feel for a moment more than the sight of these three lions being carried on my chest and my family cheering me on in tens of thousands of people. I dreamed of days like this. The messages that came to me today were positive and seeing the response towards Whitington brought me to tears. The communities that have always surrounded me with their hands continue to support me. I am Marcus Rashford, 23, a black man from Whitington and Whitenshaw, south of Manchester. If I have nothing else, I have it. For all these good messages, thank you. I will come back strong. We will come back strong. MR10 ”.

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He later revealed messages of support sent to him by people.

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